PR Services for TED Fellows

TED Fellows are constantly creating something new—whether it’s launching a startup or Kickstarter campaign, publishing new research or debuting an art installation. PR Services for TED Fellows, powered by the Fellows’ PR partner BWK New York, are designed to give you the tools you need to jumpstart valuable, ongoing press relationships that can help you achieve your goals. Here’s how it works:

1. Meet the Press. Want to hear from a seasoned journalist about new PR opportunities, and get feedback on how to pitch your story? Every month, we host an informal Google Hangout with a different member of the press, enabling Fellows and influential reporters to get to know each other and learn more about each other’s work. Participating outlets have included Wired, Re/Code, Inc., Cool Hunting, Tech Insider, Fast Co. Design and many more. We will email you to notify you of upcoming opportunities to participate in a “Meet the Press” session.

2. Book a PR Coaching Session. Are you announcing something new—a product, partnership, exhibit, performance, body of work or research finding? Do you have a specific audience you’re trying to reach—customers, partners, investors, curators, employees or another group? Ben Kellogg, the founder of BWK New York, is an award-winning PR professional who has advised hundreds of early-stage innovators in the worlds of tech, design and non-profits, from Dollar Shave Club and TED to Spark Capital and Internews. Email Ben at to book your 30-minute Skype session.

3. Read Launch Instructions. We are creating materials designed specifically to help TED Fellows navigate the fundamentals of press outreach—from identifying journalists who are relevant for your upcoming launch to pitching reporters to writing a press release. Use these materials to do PR on your own, or check them out before you book a PR coaching session with Ben and come prepared with questions! Download the latest draft here.





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